A New Informed Consent Form

Presented by: James Demetrious, DC, DABCO

A New Process to Improve Patient Outcomes

Doctor-patient communication is vital to achieving optimal outcomes. When we clearly offer diagnostic possibilities, reasonable expectations, risks, and benefits, patients better appreciate the improvement or degradation of their symptoms.

If I tell a patient that they will feel certain symptoms following my care, it is not a surprise, and the patient is impressed that I was able to predict that outcome. Alternatively, if I fail to tell them that they will feel certain symptoms following my care, I can lose their trust quickly.

Informed consent is a process. It is just not a form. It is an ongoing discussion. I offer the attached Informed Consent Form as an example for feedback and consideration.

In that document, I have included many of the discussions that I have with my patients on an ongoing basis. It is a hard copy signed by the patient that addresses some of the issues that may present. It is by no means complete. It is a supplement to ongoing discussions to facilitate patient care.

Any Feedback?

Such forms have strengths and deficits. I am offering it to our colleagues to develop a better means to help our patients.

  • What are your thoughts?
  • How would you improve it?

It is important to note that the attached document:

  • Does not establish a standard of care.
  • It is intended for consideration and discussion.
  • Doctors should consult with legal counsel to meet the requirements of their jurisdiction.

Consult with your legal counsel and state licensing board regarding Informed Consent forms and practices.

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