Imaging Traumatic Brain Injury

Imaging Traumatic Brain Injury Written by: James Demetrious, DC, DABCO The Problem Sport-related concussion (SRC) is a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with approximately 1.6 to 3.8 million annual incidents. SRC may develop long-term sequelae with post-traumatic headache, psychological distress, cognitive impairment, and learning […]

How to Recognize a Cervical Artery Dissection?

How to Recognize a Cervical Artery Dissection? Research Review by: James Demetrious, DC, DABCO Vitally Important Research Sometimes extraordinary research papers are published that require careful consideration and implementation. Such is the Open Access review article published in the journal Annals of Medicine by Chaibi and Russell. [1] […]

New Research: Demetrious Fluoroquinolone-CAD/Stroke Hypothesis Confirmed

Demetrious Fluoroquinolone-CAD/Stroke Hypothesis Confirmed Review written by: PostGradDC Staff In 2018, PostGradDC founder Dr. James Demetrious published a paper in the journal Chiropractic and Manual Therapy entitled, “Spontaneous cervical artery dissection: a fluoroquinolone induced connective tissue disorder?” In that paper, Dr. Demetrious proposed a previously unpublished hypothesis that […]