PoatGradDC Book Review

Diagnostic Imaging: Spine by Ross and Moore, 4th Edition

Review written by: James Demetrious, DC, DABCO

I strongly recommend this text for practicing chiropractic physicians and students. Written by Jeffrey S. Ross, MD, Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic College, Rochester, Minnesota and Kevin R. Moore, MD, Adjunct Professor of Neuroradiology and Pediatric Radiology, Primary Children’s Medical Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. At over 1,165 pages, this text is an exhaustive resource that includes designated sections related to: 1.) congenital and genetic disorders, 2.) trauma, 3.) degenerative diseases and arthritides, 4.) infection and inflammatory disorders, 5.) neoplasms, cysts and other masses, 6.) peripheral nerve and plexus issues, and, 7.) spine post-procedural imaging. Descriptions and images are of high quality and instructive for nuanced standards of care, assessment and, differential diagnostic decision making. The publisher offers an enhanced digital version that is functional and easy to use.

PostGradDC Book Review Rating: 5/5