The PostGradDC MRI Assessment Tool

Presented by: James Demetrious, DC, DABCO

A New Tool for My Colleagues

It is with great pride that I offer my chiropractic colleagues coursework and practice tools to improve their clinical acumen and patient outcomes. Over many years, I have developed an MRI assessment tool/flowchart that provides step-by-step recommendations for appropriate utilization of MRI, how to order those studies, how to interpret those studies, and what to do with the information gained.

A Chiropractic Tool

While there are those in our profession who eschew the words, “chiropractic subluxation,” I do not reside in that camp. It is my opinion that terminology can be described utilizing MRI to define associated physiologic processes and manifestations. Utilizing evidence-based, peer reviewed research, I offer a means to describe the elements of the chiropractic subluxation.

Our New Course Offering

Our new course, “Chiropractors Guide to MRI Interpretation,” offers doctors a concise and clinically useful means to order and interpret spinal MRI studies. It is my hope that my assessment tool will be utilized to improve communication with radiologists to attain improved clinical insight and clinical redundancy of over-reads performed by chiropractic specialists.

More importantly, my MRI Spine Assessment Tool may provide insight into the mechanisms related to the chiropractic subluxation.

Clinical Need and Deferral to Respected Radiologists

It is important for me to disclose that I strongly recommend the utilization of radiologists in the utilization and interpretation of MRI assessments. Board-certified radiologists have completed substantive training that requires our respect and deference. I offer this coursework and MRI assessment tool to provide the perspective of a chiropractic orthopedist with the intent to benefit our general clinicians and chiropractors in the field.

A Gift

Those doctors who take our class will be provided a link to download a PDF copy of my MRI Spine Assessment Tool.


The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are solely those of the author. We offer this only to educate and inform.

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